The Most Important Elements In Website Design

Visuals are lovely, but the website is there to generate business and other elements (which may seem more pedestrian) are more important when it comes to turning visitors into customers.

Call To Action (CTA)

Nothing is more important than the Call To Action, because without an effective CTA the existence of the webpage is pointless. If a website is getting lots of visitors, they’re all looking at the offers on the site and no one is buying anything, chances are it’s the CTA that is at fault. “Conversion” is the term used to describe getting a visitor to become a customer and poor conversion rates represent failure.

A CTA may be a button (“Add to cart”, “Call us”, or something similar); a form (“Subscribe to the newsletter”, “Send a quotation”); or something else entirely, but it MUST invite the visitor to DO something. Putting a CTA there is not enough – design is crucial.

Loading Speed

How long it takes to get something onto the visitor’s screen after she or he has clicked a link is a vital element in success or failure. Visitors are impatient. They have a feel for how long something should take to load and if it exceeds that time t2000px-Web_2.0_Map.svghey’ll go elsewhere. Of course, the speed of the visitor’s Internet connection has an effect but web design can make all the difference in getting a page/image/whatever onto the screen fast enough to hold the visitor’s interest.


The visitor has a felt response to any web page without really understanding what it is that attracts or repels them. Understanding that and designing the page in such a way that attention is first drawn and then held is the designer’s job. It involves:

  • visual hierarchies
  • the rule of thirds
  • symmetry, proximity, similarity
  • the way colour and shape work together
  • and many more factors.

Customers who don’t have both a grasp and training in these areas need designers who do. Contact us. Do it now.