The Launch Of The Website

The stage between design and launch is the work of the designer and won’t involve the customer unless the designer runs across some planned feature that proves impossible to make work properly (and, if the design was done properly placeit-36as a collaboration between customer and designer, that should happen about as often as Newcastle United winning the FA Cup). The launch, however, is a different matter and the customer should be very involved at this stage.

Everything about website design has become more complicated than it used to be and one of the areas in which that is true is the device on which the website will be viewed. There was a time when we needed to design only for full-size screens, but those days are gone. Laptops came in, of course, but now we also have laptops, tablets, mobile phones – the list gets longer every day and what all of us need to be aware of is that your website may be one of the many that are viewed on a tablet or an even smaller device more often than on a desktop.

Users who cannot see the site clearly will turn away from it and they won’t go back. Would-be purchasers of something you are selling from your website, if they find the process of buying using their pocket-sized screen too difficult, won’t complete the purchase and nor will they later seek out your site from a larger screen.

It follows that your website has to be viewable on every size of device there is – and in every browser. A good web designer will make sure that this happens but you are the customer and we recommend that you watch this testing going on and watch it several times.

We’re almost done. Take a close look at every aspect of the site. Are there any little tweaks, however small, that you think would be beneficial? Tell the designer. Get those changes made before the site goes live.

Then, when everything has transferred to the live server, watch the designer go through all the tests once more.