Landing Pages And Why They Matter

You won’t be around website design for long before you hear the expression “landing page”. So what is a landing page? Your first assumption might be that it’s the home page, but in fact any page that a visitor is directed to by a hyperlink is a landing page.

It follows – since every page on a website should be there for a purpose and is a page you might want to direct visitors to – that every page on your site may be a landing page and should be designed with that in mind.

perfect-landing-pageSo how do we design a landing page? More to the point, what marks out a good landing page from something run-of-the-mill?

You could say (and probably should say) that that’s our business, since we are the designers and you are relying on us, but you as client need to know that we are doing the best job for you so here’s a brief introduction to landing page design.


The headline needs to be clear, concise and informative. It also needs to bear a close relationship to whatever it was – an ad, a link – that sent the visitor there or the visitor will immediately depart once more.

Standard of English

Nothing turns a visitor off as quickly as poor English, shoddy word choice or bad grammar. We use only the most gifted writers and we accept only native-born English speakers whose grammar is impeccable and who have demonstrated in a variety of freelance work that they can produce work that the pickiest English professor will find no fault with. They cost more and they are worth every penny.


Buttons in the right place, images where they should be, fonts and colours that encourage the buying impulse. It takes time and dedication to build a landing page that works. Contact us and let’s get started.